Welcome to the Preschool!

Greetings to all!

My name is Haidy Mejía and I am the Principal for the Preschool level at Academia Los Pinares.

God has been and always will be our strength whether in times of adversity or in times of joy. He is in control of our lives, our family, and this school year; therefore, I encourage you to not fear because He goes before us, opening the way and preparing us for what will follow.

Our mission will always be to honor God with what we do and to teach with excellence, guiding and instructing our students on the path they must follow, working together with each parent as we provide our preschoolers with a foundation that will help them to be successful in the years to come through a flexible and comprehensive curriculum that contains an emotional, intellectual, social and spiritual focus in accordance with the Christian faith.

The generation of children from 2010 is called tactile, technological or Alpha Generation. What better time than this to start this digital format with this group that easily learns to use these tools. We remain strong, creative and eager to start this journey very differently this year through the use of a child-friendly digital platform. Despite the new challenges, we are confident that they will learn a lot and we will enjoy each other’s company for now at a distance; but when we are face to face, we will feel joyful and grateful to our wonderful God who takes care of even the smallest details.

God encourages us through His Word with many promises that I want to remind you especially in this peculiar time:

God’s Word says:

  • Let’s not be afraid, this is repeated hundreds of times throughout the Bible.
  • Let us strive and be brave because He will go with us,
  • “We can do everything in Christ who strengthens us.”
  • He knows VERY WELL the thoughts He has about us, thoughts of good and not evil.
  • He will cover us under His wings.
  • No evil will come upon us.
  • The one who watches over us never sleeps.

With our trust in the God who keeps His promises, at the end of this year we will be able to see the strength, learning and maturity that both we and our youngest students have acquired in this process, enjoying the victory that He has prepared for us.

In Christ,

Haidy Mejía
Preschool Principal


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