High School Counseling

Upper High School Counseling

Welcome to a new school year!

My name is Mery Yohana Hernandez de Sauceda, I am married and have a beautiful daughter. Having the opportunity to serve you is a real privilege.

My experience in general education is 17 years, besides being a licensed psychologist. I will be the upper high school guidance and vocational counselor; I will help students with the college application process, PSAT testing, transcripts, and other aspects related to preparing for college.

Career counseling is more than details about college matters, it is guiding young people to find the purpose for which God created them and to use their gifts and abilities to make a transcendent contribution in the world (Jeremiah 29:11).

Feel free to email or schedule a meeting with me.

Yohana de Sauceda
Upper High School Counselor

Lower High School Counseling

Greetings to the entire ALP community!
My name is Elizabeth Andino. I am a dedicated and passionate psychologist, committed to providing guidance and support to young people during this crucial stage of their lives. My goal is to create a support system for students as they navigate the challenges and opportunities that arise during these formative years.

As a psychologist, I bring extensive experience in education and a deep understanding of students’ needs and concerns. I will be responsible for students from seventh to tenth grade. My focus will be providing academic guidance, emotional support, and developing key skills to help students face the challenges on their path towards higher education and future decision-making.

Mental health and trust towards the counselor in academic and personal development of students are also important to me. Therefore, we will create a safe and welcoming environment where you can freely express yourself, share your concerns, and receive the support you need to strengthen your emotional well-being. Through mutual trust and respect, we will build a solid relationship that will make you comfortable sharing your thoughts and feelings. Together, we will work on boosting your self-esteem, developing resilience, and promoting a positive approach towards your goals and challenges. My commitment is to ensure that you feel supported, empowered, and confident to face each day with enthusiasm and determination.

Open and honest communication will be the foundation of our relationship, and I am here to assist you at every step towards a bright and fulfilling future. Together, we will build an enriching experience that will allow you to reach your maximum potential academically and emotionally!

Elizabeth Andino
Lower High School Counselor