High School Counseling

Upper High School Counseling

Hello and welcome to Academia Los Pinares!

My name is Marcela Cuéllar de Pimentel and I am a licensed psychologist. I worked in the Learning Support program for three years and one year as the lower high school guidance counselor. It has been a blessing to be part of the Pinares family.

What a privilege and blessing it is for me to be your child’s Guidance and Vocational Counselor for this school year. I look forward to what the Lord has in store for all of you and how He will guide each student into finding a suitable career and college.

I will assist upper high school students with their college application process, PSAT testing, transcripts, and anything else related to helping them get prepared for college.

Please do not hesitate to email me with your concerns or to set up a meeting with me.

Marcela Cuéllar de Pimentel
Upper High School Counselor

Lower High School Counseling


My name is Mery Yohana Hernández de Sauceda; having the opportunity to serve you is a true privilege. I am married and have a beautiful daughter.

My experience in general education is about 17 years, in addition to being a licensed psychologist.

I will be the Guidance Counselor this school year at Academia Los Pinares.

I pray we can work together to help our students strive to their fullest potential and foster mental health care. Please remember that I will meet with students for counseling sessions and other activities. I am available for support, so feel free to email me.

“All things are possible for him who believes” Mark 9:23


Yohana Sauceda
Lower High School Counselor