Welcome to the Elementary!

During the elementary years, we seek to build on the educational and spiritual foundations established by parents, preschool teachers, and others so that students are well-prepared for success throughout the years ahead.

Our highest priority is the spiritual growth of our students, believing that only through loving God, the Creator of all things, can students understand the foundation and culmination of every area of academic study. Our committed staff seek to model Christ and encourage students to follow Him and His ways in all areas of life. With biblical instruction being woven into the educational curriculum, students learn that living out what the Word of God teaches allows for an abundant, God-glorifying life.

After transitioning from Spanish to English in the early childhood years, classroom instruction is given in English starting in first grade, with the exception of the classes of Estudios Sociales and Español, taught each day by Honduran teachers. High quality English language ability continues to be a high priority for us at Academia Los Pinares.

First through sixth grade are taught primarily by qualified native English-speaking teachers. With the assistance of modern technology such as projectors and Mimio Boards in the classroom, teachers are able present interactive lessons that help to create a quality learning environment. Our dedicated and caring staff are committed to collaborating with parents to provide the best education possible.

It is our desire to see students reach their full potential as they grow and develop to become all that God created them to be.

Wendell Nofziger
Elementary Principal


Supply List

Download our current Supply List for Elementary Levels here:

Supply List – English
Supply List – Spanish

Uniform Requirements

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Uniform Requirements – English
Uniform Requirements – Spanish