Spiritual Life

Our Goal

As a Christian School, Pinares’ goal is that the students demonstrate respect for God, authority, and others; understand and apply Christian values by displaying character traits of integrity, honesty, service, and sensitivity to others and thoughtfully consider accepting a personal, growing relationship with God. Because of that, we have different Christian Programs to encourage the students to know more about God and have a personal relationship with Him.

Elementary Spiritual Life

Welcome to Elementary Spiritual Life! We are so honoured and thankful to be able to be a part of God’s shaping in the lives of these children. At ALP we believe that the most crucial and integral part of their education here is their spiritual life. We care most about their hearts and how to encourage them in their own personal relationship with Jesus. Our biggest desire is for each student to know Jesus and love Him as their personal Savior. Through chapels, challenge club, small groups and personal relationships with the students, we desire to point them to God’s word. In His word, we pray God will open their eyes to who He is and grow to love Him. Another very important part of our ministry with these students is singing with them in worship and teaching them songs that train their hearts to worship God in song.

It is our honor to be apart of this ministry and our hearts are for the hearts of these dear children.

Lauren de la Vega & Cristiana Godoy


Our students meet once a week during their chapel time to worship in song and be taught the scriptures in a creative way. Our desire is to tune these children’s hearts to know, fear and love God.

Challenge Club

Challenge Club is a fun after-school program for our fifth and sixth graders to grow in their personal relationship with God. There is an active game time and a large group worship, followed by a small group bible study to dive deeper into the scriptures.

High School Spiritual Life

Welcome to High School Spiritual Life at Academia Los Pinares. The spiritual life is of the utmost importance to us because of the Christian emphasis we have as a school. During the year different activities are carried out that help us to know more our Lord Jesus Christ and the Word of God, such as weekly chapels, retreats, youth meetings with students, discipleship, Bible study groups, missionary trips, social outreach projects, weeks of emphasis spiritual, times of prayer, etc. We give thanks to God for the opportunities presented to fulfill the ministry of sharing the love of God with others and we want you to be a part, through prayer, and in any other way in which the Lord guides you. We pray that God uses us to reach more people with the Gospel of Jesus Christ and help our students consider having a lifelong relationship with the Lord. Thank you for your visit and we encourage you to be part of this beautiful ministry.

Orlando Lara
High School Spiritual Life Coordinator


Always In View of Eternity. This after school spiritual life program is geared towards our 7th-12th grade one Friday every month. On these Fridays our students listen to a special speaker with a devotional and participate in dynamic activities.


Our high school students can choose to participate in teacher led discipleship groups which focus on different areas of spiritual growth. This program is focused on helping those who participate grow their personal relationship with God.


Students can participate in two different types of spiritual retreats during the school year. Each school year students are invited to a one-day retreat to start off the year. Later in the year there is an opportunity for them to participate in a second retreat directed to their age group.


Our 7th-12th grade students are encouraged to serve others while visiting various areas in our community and share the Gospel with all who don’t know the Lord as their personal Savior.