Spiritual Life

Our Goal

As a Christian School, Pinares’ goal is that the students demonstrate respect for God, authority, and others; understand and apply Christian values by displaying character traits of integrity, honesty, service, and sensitivity to others and thoughtfully consider accepting a personal, growing relationship with God. Because of that, we have different Christian Programs to encourage the students to know more about God and have a personal relationship with Him.

Elementary Spiritual Life

My name is Axel Zambrano, and I am honored to be part of this ministry at ALP. ​​Spiritual Life carries out an essential task in each student’s life, instructing him on his path, and when he is old, he will not depart from it. (Proverbs 22:6)

I’ve known the Lord Jesus since childhood as my parents instilled love and service to God and others; our goal at ALP is also for our students to know the Lord Jesus from a young age. And that they walk as He did – in love, faith, service, obedience, humility, and holiness.

From a very young age, I felt the call to serve the Lord, praise God through music, and teach his Word. That is what we will do during Chapel, praise and worship the Lord and learn from His Word, fostering in the students the desire to follow in His footsteps.

Also, we will have the Challenge Club for 5th and 6th Graders this year! We will challenge them to be more like Jesus, to love Him and His Word. Each afternoon at the Challenge Club, we will have fun with games, songs, and a moment of reflection with a team of teachers. We will also have small groups to focus on discipling each student for their integral growth.

Walking alongside Jesus, having a personal relationship with Him, and being like Him is our priority at ALP and as children of God. I firmly believe that the Word of God and its power can transform the hearts and minds of each student. May God bless every student and their families.

My fervent prayer for each of you.

Axel Zambrano


Our students meet once a week during their chapel time to worship in song and be taught the scriptures in a creative way. Our desire is to tune these children’s hearts to know, fear and love God.

Challenge Club

Challenge Club is a fun after-school program for our fifth and sixth graders to grow in their personal relationship with God. There is an active game time and a large group worship, followed by a small group bible study to dive deeper into the scriptures.

High School Spiritual Life

Welcome to High School Spiritual Life!

It’s an honor to be part of the spiritual journey God has for the youth at ALP, and might I add, what a journey.

At ALP, we believe that the most crucial aspect of their education is their relationship with Jesus Christ. At the very top of our priorities, we encourage, guide, and walk with every student to become or continue being disciples of Christ. In an uncertain and changing world, He is our hope, our rock.

We have a new year ahead with new challenges but the same loving Christ. How can I live my life honoring Him with who I am now? Everyone here at Pinares will face this question, and I pray that God will guide us to practical answers. So many influences and experiences we live shape our identity. Still, His word gives life; we should all strive to allow Him to form our identity and guide us. It is where we understand more about how to live.

That last part is much easier said than done, which is why God has created a “buddy” system, His body, the Church, and those of us learning more and more to be disciples of Christ. We are in this life together. We will support and challenge each other. I pray that all planned activities will be an opportunity so that everyone knows about God by getting closer to Jesus.

I ask that you can also join us in prayer so that we, as a family, move forward, steadfastly, looking up to Our Saviour, Jesus. 


Manuel Sierra
High School Spiritual Life Coordinator

Chapel & Small Groups

Why is ALP different? We have purposely left a time in our school schedule to learn even more about living a life honoring God and learning who Jesus is in our life. We will challenge the entire High School to grow spiritually and in the faith in either a bigger group during Chapel or a smaller one with classmates.


Students will have a faith-focused time with activities and small discussions to fuel the start of a new and exciting year.

It’s a great online resource with many biblical studies focused on leadership, youth, kids, family, and so much more. All the ALP family, students, and their families can access this platform.