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Welcome to our page. It is a great pleasure that you can have an experience at Academia los Pinares, home of the Pumas.

This department’s mission is to be able to contribute to the integral development of each student in their day to day basis, within the school through a series of activities, both sports and academic.  All of these with the sole objective of exalting and honoring the name of God, the sole giver of all talents and abilities. The teachers and coaches integrated into this process are mentors who deliver values ​​of character, integrity, and work ethic day by day, but above all try to reflect the love of Christ in their lives.

Academia Los Pinares is a member of the Association of Bilingual Schools of Honduras (ABSH). Most of our competitions come from participation in local and national games, tournaments, and events organized by ABSH. We offer all high school students the opportunity to participate in the following sports: athletics, basketball, soccer, and volleyball. Students also have the opportunity to be part of the extraordinary teams participating in the Art Festival, Music Festival, Chess Tournament, Archery Club, Language Arts Festival, Knowledge Bowl, Science Fair, Model U.N. and Math Bowl.

Students in grades 1-6 have the opportunity to participate in internal and external tournaments, basketball, soccer, and volleyball academies, and may also participate in science, art, music, and spelling fairs.

We wish that each student who participates in these activities can have the unique experience of giving their all at every moment, not leaving aside making disciples in all nations, nor forgetting that all the glory obtained is for our Creator and Lord.

Luis Salgado
Director of Athletics & Activities




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Knowledge Bowl

Language Arts Festival

Math Bowl

Science Fair (High School / Elementary)

Model UN