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High School


The curriculum at Academia Los Pinares is designed to fulfill our vision of being a “Christ-centered bilingual educational institute with nationally and internationally accredited academic standards, which forms leaders with Christian faith, character, and intellectual maturity to serve Christ and the society.” Following this vision, the curriculum we have created is first and foremost one that reveals God’s good, creative work in this world through all the subject areas and reflects our responsibility as leaders in this society to serve Him in all we do with excellence.

We also provide a distinct bilingual and bicultural education, with all of our English-language textbooks and standards coming from the United States and we also choose the highest quality Spanish-language texts from Honduras and Spain.

Every lesson of every class is attached to standards in order to ensure that we teach the full range of what students need to be successful in today’s world. Below is a sample of the different standards that our classes align to:

U.S. Standards:

  • Common Core for Math and English Language Arts
  • Next Generation Science Standards
  • College, Career and Civic Life Framework (C3) for Social Studies Standards

Honduran Standards:

  • Currículo Nacional Básico (Pre-kinder to 9th grades)
  • Bachillerato Internacional en Ciencias y Humanidades (10th-12th grades)

Teachers carefully document their units to include these standards, as well as Biblical integration, using a variety of instructional methods in order to reach all students. Daily lesson plans and homework are shared with parents and students via RenWeb, the school’s online management system.

Academia Los Pinares’ Library

Expected Learning Goals

Academia Los Pinares has established learning goals and expectations that students grow intellectually, socially, personally, physically, and spiritually bringing honor and glory to God in their lives.

  • Think and reason critically, logically, analytically, and creatively
  • Apply knowledge attained to real-life situations
  • Read, write and speak with fluency and listen effectively in English and Spanish
  • Work cooperatively and resolve conflict effectively
  • Exhibit community service and responsible citizenship
  • Demonstrate a desire for excellence and doing one’s best
  • Take responsibility for action and learning
  • Make positive life choices for good physical and mental health
  • Exercise self-control and treat the body as God’s temple
  • Demonstrate respect for God, authority, and others
  • Understand and apply Christian values by displaying character traits of integrity, honesty, service, and sensitivity to others
  • Thoughtfully consider accepting a personal, growing relationship with God