Preschool Counseling


My name is Ruth Henríquez and this is my ninth year in Academia Los Pinares as Elementary Counselor. It has been both a blessing and a most welcome challenge to serve parents and children in this area trusting that God has been in control even through hardship.

It is an honor and privilege to work with parents and teachers in the instruction and guidance of our students. I am available to provide any additional support that is wished or needed to help children learn through the different situations they could face each school year, helping them realize how valuable and useful they are in their families, school and in God´s kingdom.

Among my responsibilities to ALP students is visiting their classroom to teach character education. When certain topics need to be addressed in a classroom throughout the year, we talk about it as a class to clear up any doubts, fears or grievances the students may have. As part of an ongoing bullying prevention activity and to help the children see the good in everyone, we have the “Shout out” program. It entails visiting each classroom every week to have the students choose one of their classmates to be rewarded for good behavior, kindness, exceptional ideas in class or other desirable traits. We also have a yearly anti- bullying campaign that includes different type of activities.

I also meet one on one with the students who are in need of counseling due to behavior issues or difficult circumstances at home or with their peers that may be affecting academics. Some group counseling activities are also held during the school year.

I work together with our resource teachers to find solutions for parents and teachers in case any learning difficulty is suspected, and for children in preschool who need reinforcement in some of their basic skills, I offer small group activities geared to provide extra practice for skill development.

I would like to encourage you by reminding you we have a God who cares about our wellbeing and to whom we can call upon in times of need, casting our anxieties upon Him. It is my hope and prayer that we all are willing to let Him work in our lives throughout the school year and teach us what we need to learn both through struggles and peaceful times so we can be a living example of God´s faithfulness to the children.

I look forward to serving you and your family. If you have any questions regarding my counseling support, please don’t hesitate to visit or call me in the elementary office. It will always be an honor to serve you in any way I can.


Ruth Henríquez
Elementary Counselor