Counselor (Secondary)

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Job purpose

Counsel and assist students ensuring that they are in a learning environment that guides and encourages them to develop their academic potential and grow spiritually.

Duties and responsibilities

  • Accept responsibility for the development of the secondary counseling program.
  • Counsel and assist students with emotional, behavioral, and/or psychosocial problems.
  • Maintain close communication with parents of students who are being assisted.
  • Keep professional and accurate records of all activity with or about counselees.
  • Keep each student’s teacher informed of progress and ways in which the teacher can help through verbal and written feedback.
  • Keep appropriate administrators informed of student needs as deemed appropriate through regular weekly meetings with supervisors.
  • Be available to teachers for conferences with parents.
  • Accept responsibility for additional assigned duties as is necessary for the effective operation of A.L.P.


  • Education
    • Minimum of a Bachelor’s degree from a recognized college or university
    • Valid credential from a state and/or from another recognized accrediting agency for the appropriate grade level or a minimum of 12 credit hours in education
    • Professional Certification or ACSI Certification
      • Bachelors from an accredited college (accrediting agency must be approved by the US DOE)
      • 30 semester hours in a specialized area
      • 6 semester hour or 18 CEUs of biblical studies
      • ACSI biblical philosophy of Christian school Education
  • Specialized knowledge: all teachers must have ACSI biblical philosophy of Christian school Education (can be obtained in your first year of employment)
  • Skills, Abilities, & Other characteristics such as personal characteristics:
    • Born-again Christians, active members of an Evangelical church, and give evidence of good moral character
    • Native English speaker or equivalent
    • Employees shall be persons who are able to understand and respect other cultures and work harmoniously and effectively in a cross-cultural situation.
    • Maintain a close personal walk with God as evidenced by his/her example and spiritual leadership among peers and with students.
    • Observe the Matthew 18 principle in conflict resolution. Avoid a negative, critical spirit. Take problems to the appropriate administrator.
    • Demonstrates continued professional development through course work, research, peer collaboration, and/or staff development.
    •  Working knowledge of the subject matter, classroom management techniques, current best practices and strategies for counseling students.

Experience: Experience in an educational setting is preferred

Attend and participate in the following: 

  • Morning devotionals
  • Teachers’ meetings
  • School programs in the evening or after school that involve students in your section of the school
  • Do supervisory duties as assigned, before, during, or after the school day
  • Other meetings as assigned

Other responsibilities: See that assigned classrooms are maintained in a clean appearance. Maintain proper classroom discipline, personally attending to minor problems and referring major problems to the appropriate administrator. Be available to any parent or student who wishes to have a conference. Hold parent conferences on parent-teacher conference days in accordance with guidelines established by the principal. Supervise extracurricular activities, organizations, and outings as assigned.

Available: October 2023

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