Marketing Support

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Job purpose

This position requires the employee to supervise the development and management of marketing, social media, advertising, and promotion activities of the school’s educational offer, in order to maximize brand promotion, attract potential customers, and retain existing ones. The employee will be involved in public relations events, designing, developing, and maintaining alumni relations, and ensuring that everything related to the school’s image, such as printed and website information, and social media, is up to date. You will be part of the Admissions team.

Duties and responsibilities


  • Oversee that everything planned, organized, and promoted by the institution is in light of biblical principles.
  • Help plan, organize, and promote Open House, student orientations, and other events alongside admissions.
  • Develop, maintain, and use the alumni database.
  • Cultivate strong alumni relationships through communications and annual activities.
  • Prepare and submit at least once a year a grant request to appropriate organizations per year or to related organizations.
  • Establish and maintain contacts with key individuals in corporations with the potential to contribute funds, services, and material resources for the continuous work of the organization.      
  • Work with the Superintendent to help with the distribution of all publications and participate in the improvement of marketing tools to achieve the donation goals.
  • Plan, promote, and implement programs to build strong relationships with churches, corporations and foundations in the community.       
  • Review production of all school publications, including handbooks, event invitations, programs, and everything that involves the school’s visual identity manual.
  • Be a professional public relations resource to the school board and the administration.
  • Deepen institutional relationships with all media to ensure the most effective messaging and positioning for the school.
  • Oversee Academia Los Pinares’ web and social networking presence – everything must be up to date.


  • Promote the school by helping to develop appropriate printing advertising tools.
  • Utilize web-based marketing strategies to increase the online presence for the school including the effective use of social media sites and search engine optimization for the website and others.
  • Ensure that institutional activities are promoted in a timely manner.
  • Assist the administration in promoting a comprehensive brand for the school and shaping the way we connect with our community by using digital media to identify, target, engage, and nurture our audience.
  • Develop appropriate advertising media attention for the school through local newspapers and television stations.
  • Cooperate with Extracurricular Activities, Family Life, Spiritual Life, and Area Principals coordinators to plan and implement appropriate publications and publicity.
  • Update and execute the strategic marketing plan annually.
  • Prepare the department’s annual budget and development plan and adhere to the approved budget.
  • Create marketing campaigns and execute them according to market prioritization criteria and develop them within established deadlines.
  • Maintain a confidentiality agreement both internally and externally of the institution.
  • Forecast trends in the educational market, identifying options applicable to the institution
  • Accept responsibility for other assigned tasks as deemed necessary.


  1. Faith
  2. Service
  3. Growth
  4. Discipline
  5. Quality

General Competencies

  1. Effective communication, both in Spanish and English
  2. Organization
  3. Responsibility
  4. Innovation and creativity
  5. Teamwork

Specific Competencies

  1. Leadership
  2. Proactive
  3. Goal-oriented
  4. Emotional intelligence

Technical Competencies

  1. General or specific knowledge of graphic design
  2. Customer acquisition and loyalty
  3. Online positioning
  4. Strategic marketing planning
  5. Innovative


Education: Bachelor’s Degree preferred in Communication, Marketing, Advertising, Public Relations, or related disciplines or a combination of education and experience equal to a 4-year degree.                                    

  • Skills, abilities, and other characteristics such as personal characteristics:
    • Basic proficiency in Microsoft Word, Publisher, Excel, emailing, managing databases, accessing the Internet, Web Design, and funding of nonprofit organizations.
    • Knowledge of and experience using web-based marketing strategies and analytics.
    • Knowledge of all social media and advertisements in social media.
    • Knowledge of development/fundraising concepts and appropriate solicitation techniques.
    • Be a professional public relations resource.
    • Analytical skills to forecast and identify trends in the educational marketAdvanced knowledge and experience in Microsoft Office programs.
    • Strong interpersonal/human relations skills.
    • Ability to interact with diplomacy and tact amid influential clients and diverse groups.
    • Very personable and easy to talk to since this individual will be the first point of contact for many at the school.
    • Effective communicator who can promote the school to prospective parents, current parents, community contacts, and more.
    • Possess strong organizational and time management skills.
    • Project management, marketing, and presentation skills.
    • Strong verbal and professional written communication and editing skills.
    • Ability to think creatively and innovatively.
    • Accustomed to working under pressure.
    • Ability to adapt and respond to various situations.
    • Ability to maintain a high level of confidentiality.
    • One who is ready to give help to everyone.
    • One who is honest, loyal, and transparent with the institution and its personnel.
    • Discreet and respectful of the dignity of his co-workers applying ethical principles in his interactions with them.
    • One who is capable and willing to accept suggestions and constructive criticism.
    • One who can relate well with all stakeholders.
    • One who maintains a good Christian testimony.

Experience:  Experience in a similar position preferred.

Working conditions

This is a position that requires a great deal of responsibility and a person who can work with many different types of personalities.  Sometimes the job will require that the employee work outside of normal operating hours.

Physical requirements

Our school is located on a mountain at 5500 feet of elevation. We do have sidewalks, but the terrain can be rocky and, depending on the year, muddy. It can be a steep climb from one building to the next. Our environment is not considerate of those with physical or health ailments. Being in a heavily forested area also gives us a potential throughout the year for high pollen counts and pollution rates.

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