High School

Welcome to the High School!

The lower high school (7th – 9th) is a transitional time between elementary school and the upper high school. Students in the lower high school are building their reading and writing skills in English, Spanish, Science and Social studies along with learning some practical skills in classes such as Home Economics, Shop, Art and Music. In the lower high school, the students study the Old and New Testament along with the Life of Christ where they learn basic bible study skills. Beginning at 10th grade, students in the upper high school (10th -12th) grades are now focused on academic classes and grades, building on the study skills they have learned so far. They have opportunities to reach out with different social activities that benefit the communities around the school. They lead their classes in planning social events for the class. They become role-models for the lower high school students. Teachers in both the lower and upper high school are qualified, licensed teachers who are dedicated to giving the students the best education that will allow them to be successful after leaving ALP. The school has the technology capability that allows the students to do research in classes, take notes and do classwork on their electronic devices and be connected with their teachers through Google classroom and RenWeb. The commitment to excellence in education is shown by the high school staff in making and executing creative lesson plans that allow the students to explore the world around them from a Christ-centered point of view. Our desire is that each one will know Christ and become all that God created them to be.

Cathy Bert
High School Principal


Supply List

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Uniform Requirements

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