“We know what we’ve got”

Welcome to the Counseling blog. We will post short updates here, as well as encouraging stories and support for students and parents. We also hope you will be able to use this site to feel more connected to the heartbeat of the school and your student’s academic journey.

I want to share some encouragement with parents this morning, because you are such an integral part of your child’s development process. Though you may not be present during the school day, your influence and involvement is absolutely essential to your child’s success. Here’s an example that will stick with me for years to come:

The family approached the 7th grade report card table with, what I sensed was, a little trepidation. I knew the student fairly well, so I jokingly asked if the parents were worried. They stepped right up to the table as I flipped through the files and the mother told me, “Of course not. We know what we’ve got.” She reached over, pulled her daughter in for a hug, and flashed a confident smile in my direction.

I returned the smile and handed over the first quarter report card, which was met with great celebration! I almost joined in the squealing excitement, but thought it best I remain composed. I did allow myself to let out a hearty, “Congratulations,” followed by a friendly squeeze. The whole family – mother, father, brother – all joined in the excitement and I felt privileged to watch.

To some, a successful report card may seem a small thing. What I found so beautiful was this family’s knowledge of one another. They had no doubt what they would find when they opened the report card, because they had walked the whole journey of the first quarter together. I could tell they were intimately involved in the details of each others’ lives.

Their celebration reminded me how important it is to join in when joyous occasions give reason, but also the importance of knowing those we love most. Those words, “We know what we’ve got,” encourage us to be always aware of ways we can encourage each other on every step of the way.

Make a point to be involved in your child’s journey this quarter, so you will “know what you’ve got” when it is report card time once again.

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