1. To present the message of the gospel to each student at Academia Los Pinares.
  2. To create opportunities for the students to respond to the challenges of the gospel.
  3. To provide the Academia Los Pinares Christian community with the tools for personal growth and knowledge of Jesus Christ.
  4. To have a board of directors, a team of administrators, teachers and staff who are fully committed to Christ and who are working to fulfill the mission of Academia Los Pinares.
  5. To provide excellence in Christian, bilingual education that meets the needs of the students.
  6. To hire teachers who are highly qualified both spiritually and professionally.
  7. To help students to be healthy and develop habits that promote strong bodies. To help students to adjust to a changing body and its needs.
  8. To prepare students to be responsible citizens capable of making responsible moral choices throughout life.
  9. To equip students to make a positive impact in their society through the use of their God-given abilities.
  10. To motivate and prepare students to be Christian witnesses and to become competent church leaders. To encourage students to consider careers in Christian ministry and provide guidance in preparing for it.
  11. To instill in the students a social awareness by exposing them to social, economic, and political differences in the world.
  12. To provide excellence in bilingual U.S.-type education that meets the needs of the students and also the requirements for a Honduran education.
  13. To seek and maintain U.S. accreditation which makes it possible for students to continue their education in other U.S.-type schools.

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