Expected Schoolwide Learning Goals

Academia Los Pinares has established learning goals and expectations that all students grow intellectually, socially, personally, physically, and spiritually bringing honor and glory to God in all areas of their lives.


  • – Think and reason critically, logically, analytically, and creatively
  • – Apply knowledge attained to real-life situations
  • – Read, write and speak with fluency and listen effectively inEnglish and Spanish


  • – Work cooperatively and resolve conflict effectively
  • – Exhibit community service and responsible citizenship


  • – Demonstrate a desire for excellence and doing one’s best
  • – Take responsibility for action and learning

  • – Make positive life choices for good physical and mental health
  • – Exercise self-control in all areas of life, and treat the body as God’s temple


  • – Demonstrate respect for God, authority, and others
  • – Understand and apply Christian values by displaying character traits of integrity, honesty, service, and sensitivity to others
  • – Thoughtfully consider accepting a personal, growing relationship with God

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